Ballet Program

Superior Classical Training
  • BADA's Ballet Program

    Must be at least 1st Grade with Faculty Recommendation
    BADA is the primary training facility for ballet in Burlington.  Our ballet program provides an enlightened approach to dance training that fosters individual progression through the artistry, technique, and theory of ballet.  Students of all ages and levels of experience benefit from this focus on personal achievement.  We offer individually monitored, professional training in ballet technique, pre-pointe, and pointe work.  BADA ballet classes focus on the qualities that make each student unique.  Guided in the development of self-discipline, self-confidence, inner motivation, and creativity, the student is encouraged to reach his/her full potential in a non-competitive atmosphere of love and support.

    Our ballet program begins at the first grade, with students placed in levels according to their ability.  We believe that the strength and flexibility gained in the study of ballet gives the students the most freedom and facility to develop their own personal expression and to adapt to the eclectic demands of today’s dance world.  Our professional staff is committed to bringing the highest level of training to students through expert instruction in a positive, challenging environment.  More frequent classes are required as a student progresses.  Limitations in class size allow for personalized attention.  Performance opportunities contribute to a well-rounded experience and a true sense of accomplishment.  The ballet program focuses on the belief that all young people benefit from having dance in their lives.  Serious dance training can be fun!  

    BADA’s ballet program offers classes on a multi-level system, with students progressing from one level to the next at their own individual pace.  Students do not automatically advance from level to level with each passing year.  It is not unusual for a student to remain at a particular level for two to three years.  Some students, because of emotional maturity, physical development and strength, or comprehension and competency of execution, may require a longer or shorter stay in a given level.  Students are placed in the level that best suits their needs, with age being a secondary consideration.  These considerations are made with the best interests of the students in mind.  It is the practice of our ballet program to provide each student enrolled in the intermediate and advanced ballet divisions a written evaluation of their class performance five times throughout the year in order to provide the parent and student a personalized record of progress and placement.  This placement method is most important to insure the safety and very best possible instruction at the student’s level.

    Some of our students have a serious interest in this art form and hope to make it their profession one day.  The majority of students simply find it an enjoyable activity.  Our curriculum, teaching methods, and performance opportunities offer all students a program of learning that is age appropriate, challenging, invigorating, and enjoyable no matter what the goal of the individual student.  Whether preparing students for professional careers or simply enriching their lives, studying at BADA is a rewarding experience.  Some of the students from our ballet program have found that our training has helped prepare them to meet the challenges of their lives through learned discipline, creative problem solving, poise, an appreciation for the arts and the benefits of a well-toned body.  Indeed, ballet offers something for everybody — at BADA, expert instruction is offered in a positive and nurturing environment.  Come be a part of the exciting world of dance!
  • Class Levels & Divisions

    Placement by Faculty Evaluation
    Elementary Division
    Ballet 8 = 1 hr. 1x/week
    Ballet 7 = 1 1/4hr.  1x/week
    Ballet 6 =  1 1/2 hr.  1x/week
    Intermediate Division
    Ballet 5 = 1 hr.  2x/week
    Ballet 4 / Pre-Pointe = 1 1/2 hr. 2x/week
    Advanced Division
    Ballet 3 / Beginning Pointe = 1 1/2 hr. 3x/week
    Ballet 2 / Intermediate Pointe = 1 1/2 hr. 3x/week
    Ballet 1 / Advanced Pointe = 1 1/2 hr. 3x/week
  • Performance Opportunities

    BADA’s Ballet Program offers Burlington a truly spectacular combination of traditional classical ballet as well as new, contemporary works in the classical form.  Our performances, which include a presentation of Unto Us A Son every other year, feature exceptionally high levels of quality and professionalism from students of BADA, along with area professional guest artists.

     Unto Us A Son

    KARIZMA produces our original Christmas ballet every other year.  Unto Us A Son is the story of the birth of Christ.  This production features dancers from the BADA student body.  Students audition and are chosen for roles in Unto Us A Son.  Students enrolled at BADA are eligible to audition to be considered as cast members for this breathtakingly beautiful ballet that will lift your spirits and brighten your Christmas season.
    Spring Ballet

    All Ballet Program students are cast in the Annual Spring Ballet at the McCrary Theatre of Elon University.  These special afternoons and evenings of dance are in keeping with the BADA tradition of staging a professional full length ballet to demonstrate the students’ talent and progress through the past school year.  BADA Ballet Program students have appeared in classical ballets such as Cinderella,  Sleeping BeautySwan Lake and A Midsummer Night’s Dream; original BADA ballets such as Snow WhiteBeauty & the BeastPeter Pan, Mary PoppinsWizard of Oz, Into the Woods, Alice in Wonderland and The Sound of Music; and gala ballet performances.