Older Dancer Programs

Innovative Choreography, Solid Technique.
  • BADA offers a wide range of dance disciplines and styles.  From the basics to core techniques in Tap, Jazz and Contemporary to the fun “encore” classes in the styles of Acro, Hip Hop and Lyrical, our older students enjoy a curriculum full of innovative choreography and solid technique.  Many of our older students are working toward higher dance goals such as professional dance careers or college dance programs, some are contributing to their schools through dance team, while others enjoy our classes for their recreational aspect.  Either way, BADA offers a level for any older student.

  • Tap

    Ages 7+

    This program introduces students to the wide range of rhythm tap styles – from Broadway or Production styles to rhythm tap like Stomp or Savion Glover. Our instructors focus on many styles of tap, while emphasizing rhythm, technique, and performance. Tap is a must for students wishing to pursue musical theatre or for those looking for something new!

  • Jazz

    Age 7+

    Jazz is fun, exciting and a must for any older student. Our classes begin with a good warm-up, move into center work and then combinations and choreography.

    Our jazz program emphasizes proper technique and progression into leaps, turns and flexibility – minimizing injury and encouraging correct placement and technique. Our jazz program helps our dancers broaden their technique base, making them more well-rounded dancers.

    Our young dancer curriculum develops into our jazz program, providing the dancer with a proper background in dance technique and terminology before advancing to the next level. BADA dancers are trained appropriately and safely, setting them up for success in future dance endeavors.

    We also offer an Intro. to Jazz class for younger students.

  • Contemporary

    Age 7+

    Contemporary dance is a dance performance genre that developed during the mid twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world, with particularly strong popularity in the U.S. and Europe. Although originally informed by and borrowing from classical, modern, and jazz styles, it has since come to incorporate elements from many styles of dance. Due to its technical similarities, it is often perceived to be closely related to modern dance, ballet and other classical concert dance styles.

    Emerging from our outstanding modern program; our contemporary program is certainly one of the strongest in the triad area.

    Modern dance is a broad genre of western concert or theatrical dance, primarily arising out of Germany and the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Modern dance is often considered to have emerged as a rejection of, or rebellion against classical ballet. Socioeconomic and cultural factors also contributed to its development.

    We continue to emphasize proper body placement and technique, but also encourage self expression so that our students take their dancing to the next level and truly dance from their hearts.

    We encourage all of our students to continue taking ballet. This provides the basis for proper body placement and technique for all dance disciplines and help our students be more well-rounded and properly trained dancers.

    This class is encouraged for dancers wishing to further their ballet training on an expressive level.

  • Acro

    Age 8+
    Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is a popular dance style in amateur as well as professional dance theater and contemporary circus productions such as those by Cirque du Soleil.

    We also offer a PreSchool Acro and an Intro. to Acro class for younger students.

  • Hip Hop

    Age 8+

    This class will explore contemporary hip-hop dance technique in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment. Students will learn hip-hop dance skills through warm-ups and choreographed routines. This workshop will also explore other related styles of dance such as locking, popping, and other club dance styles.  Classes are fast-paced, high-energy “MTV-style” dance. After a short warm-up, class will focus on learning aerobic dance combinations done to pop and hip-hop music. Wear sneakers and be prepared to sweat!

    We also offer an Intro. to Hip Hop class for younger students.

  • Lyrical

    Age 8+
    Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques and is a “cousin” to those styles. Lyrical dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions the choreographer feels from the lyrics in the chosen song. Because lyrical dancing focuses on the expression of strong emotion, the style concentrates more on individual approach and expressiveness than the precision of the dancer’s movements. The emergent lyrical style has a relatively recent history and a genesis based on the coming together of ballet with rock/folk/pop/alternative music and a variety of jazz dance styles and modern dance.

    We also offer an Intro. to Lyrical class for younger students.

  • Acting

    Age 9+
    Uncover a whole new world of dramatic arts in this FUN class!  Students will enhance concentration and sensory awareness, develop improvisational skills, learn vocal & movement techniques and discover the amazing potential that only they hold.  Build confidence and a huge appreciation for the theatre!
  • Voice

    Age 9+
    Music is more than singing scales or vocal exercises… learning to sing  can be about incorporating your entire being into an expression that, at some point, becomes art. Singing is invigorating; cultivating new emotions & developing a more well-rounded individual.  It’s like, art therapy.
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